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CEO Gut Check List

The best companies, like the best athletes, reach new heights by making a commitment to excel. Are you improving your game? What does your gut tell you about your company and its sales and marketing strategies? Have you been checking in with your people and your customers on a regular basis? Is your team staying sharp or are you losing focus? Are you and your people in agreement and in alignment?

When you want the answers to these questions, and more, take five minutes and do the CEO Gut Check: the dozen questions that all CEO’s must be able to answer. Take the test yourself.

Then have some of your people do the gut check, too. The findings will surprise you and help you to prioritize your initiatives. At your request, we will review your answers, and those of the people on your team, and offer our observations.

Want to hear more about the CEO Gut Check before completing the test? Click here to listen to Gary White talk with United Airlines Sky Radio about the benefits of the CEO Gut Check.