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Are You Good To Go?

Make sure you know if you have the capability (skills and experience) and capacity (time) to successfully launch a new product, penetrate a market segment or to start a new sales or advertising campaign. Answering the following resource needs assessment questions will give you a clear, quick and insightful look at your current status.

Capability: Skills & Experience

1. Do you have strategic thinkers around you?

2. Do you need help with discovering and communicating value?

3. Are you in the habit of looking for hidden revenue opportunities?

4. Do your people and your colleagues show initiative?

5. Are your people in constant need of direction?

6. Do you have the people on staff you need for the tasks at hand?

7. Can you identify all of the bridges and barriers to new business?

8. Are you saying the right things to the right people at the right time?

Capacity: Time

1. Are there projects that are just not getting started?

2. Are there projects that are not getting finished?

3. Are you or your people missing deadlines because of work load?

4. Are time constraints putting you at risk for costly mistakes?

5. Have the time to determine whether your team is in alignment?

6. Ever been too busy to do a “deep dive” for consumer insights?

7. Is there enough time to eliminate all obstacles to new business?

8. Do you have the time to maximize your competitive advantage?

The more people who complete these 16 questions the better.  We have a companion 2×2 matrix that will plot everyone’s score on your capability and capacity. It works for any organization. Large or small. Private, public or non-profit. Try it. It works.